The gift certificate is always a great choice. Especially when it comes to passions. Lovers of trekking or outdoor sports in general very often have particular "needs" and being able to choose a product themselves is certainly a good opportunity for them.

Especially then if we talk about shoes that are perhaps the most important garment for mountain sports but in general for everyday life. Then getting advice from an expert in purchasing a technical product such as a shoe is truly an added value.

Below you can see an image of our "gift voucher" card that we create either physically (you can come to the store or we can send it) or virtually by e-mail with a code that can also be used for an online purchase.

Another gem is that you can, if you want, customize the message! We will have the greeting message printed on the back of the postcard!

For more info you can contact the whatsapp number 3479770595 or write to



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