The repair service of technical garments for trekking, skiing or trail running and the washing and waterproofing was really what you were looking for!

As for the technical shoe resoling service, here at BF MOUNTAIN SHOP we have a fixed nail: try to repair first!

Only in case it is not possible or not worth it we will advise you to buy a new garment.

If your trousers have a hole or your jacket has a zipper that doesn't work or the internal taping is coming off before throwing it away, stop by the shop or send a detailed photo to whatsapp number 3479770595

We will be able to advise you if it is necessary to repair and at what cost.

For the washing of the technical jacket or trousers (trekking, skiing, trail running) that require washing and waterproofing, you can rely on us in a very simple way. Bring the garment you want to the shop and if we think it is appropriate to wash and waterproof it, it will be as good as new within 2/3 working days.

The cost for the washing and waterproofing service varies between €10 and €15 for one/two items.

Repair what you can, reuse what you have


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