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Exo Twinskin Short, the shorts that compress the muscles, to help our body achieve its best performance.

The Exo Twinskin Shorts are running and trail running shorts that guarantee muscle support, high flexibility and ultra-quick drying

TWINSKIN is the Salomon label that identifies the 2 in 1 models.

Inspired by the S/LAB collection, the Exo Twinskin Shorts contain the muscles without excessively emphasizing the shapes, promoting blood circulation.
EXO SENSIFIT™ AGILITY technology guarantees muscle compression and agility in movement.
It reduces fatigue, cramps and the risk of injury, saving energy and decreasing recovery times.

The inner shorts are in 4-way stretch fabric and feature a MotionFit structure that follows every movement of the body in the best possible way.
The Aero outer fabric is so light as to be imperceptible, thus leaving the legs with maximum mobility.

The lightweight fabric wicks away moisture and dries very quickly.

The 37.5® Technology is in fact applied on the Exo Twinskin Shorts.
This works to preserve optimal relative humidity and body temperature even during the most demanding races.
Another benefit, fabrics made with 37.5® Technology dry up to 5 times faster than similar fabrics.

Furthermore, only materials of natural origin are used in 37.5® Technology , free of chemical substances that could irritate the skin.
The 37.5® active particles are permanently integrated into the filament and are not damaged or washed out.

Technical features of the Exo Twinskin Shorts :

  • WEIGHT: 200g
  • MotionFit
  • AdvancedSkin ActiveDry
  • 37.5® Technology
  • Fabrics: Allure bi-stretch plain weave + Plain narval + 4-way stretch Aerotech
  • Snug fit
  • 1 front pocket
  • 1 back pocket with zip

How does graduated compression work in sportswear?

Like a massage!
These technical fabrics compress the muscle fibers with different degrees, thus promoting blood circulation and therefore tissue oxygenation .
The compression speeds up the warm-up of the muscles when you start a workout or a competition, and contains them during the activity, greatly reducing muscle vibrations , therefore the risk of injury.
The reduction of muscle vibrations allows you to tire the muscles less and, at the end of the session, helps and speeds up recovery.