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We don't know if and when it will be available again

Hydraulics™ Silicone Nozzle is the silicone nozzle compatible with all Osprey Hydraulics™ reservoirs

Sold in packs of three, Hydraulics™ Silicone Nozzle is extremely quick and easy to replace.
Its valve is a bite valve , ideal for ensuring a fast, constant and homogeneous flow of water while drinking.

Product/Technical Features:

  • Compatible with Hydraulics™ reservoirs
  • Bite valve
  • BPA-free

Who is HydraPack?

HydraPack is the company that produces all the articles that belong to hydration for Osprey. Soft bottles, competition glasses, Camelbak and all other accessories.

It has been present in the sector for more than two decades and its goal is to create sports hydration products that are increasingly performing, comfortable, close to the user, ecological and long-lasting.

The most important companies in the world in the sports sector now rely on HydraPack .

Increasingly innovative design and technologies will always give performance to athletes of all sports. Basically the material with which the products are created is TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which is absolutely 100% BPA & Free , therefore without Bisphenol A (BPA) .
Among the other features/technologies we find a very high abrasion resistance and a wide resistance to sudden changes in temperature.

Osprey: passion, professionalism and constant study

Osprey was born in California in 1974, from the hands of Mike Pfotenhauer , founder and chief designer of the company, who, as soon as he finished university, began to make backpacks and rucksacks with his sewing machine for customers in Santa Cruz.
By listening to their stories, he discovered how those backpacks were used, what their owners' needs were and the actual use they made of them. Thus, year after year, he has managed to design and create increasingly innovative backpacks of the best quality.
Today Osprey products continue that pioneering spirit, and are used from the highest mountains, to the most remote islands...not forgetting everything in between!