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We don't know if and when it will be available again

Kailash Plus GTX is the ideal trekking boot for hikers looking for a classic, durable and reliable product in any season and on all types of terrain.

In this new version, the Kailash has a cleaner and lighter design, without losing anything in technicality, quite the contrary!

The 1.8-2.00 mm Nubuck leather upper is designed to last over time, without weighing down the shoe.

The sole of the Kailash Plus GTX is Vibram® Biometric Trek .
It is a specific compound designed to guarantee comfort, protection and reactivity. The design of the grooves allows constant self-cleaning of mud and stones.

The GORE-TEX® (Performance Comfort Footwear) lining guarantees total waterproofing of the shoe, already partly guaranteed by its Nubuk leather upper.

The new generation PU midsole amplifies the cushioning along the entire sole of the foot.

Kailash Plus GTX: a technical and modern shoe

The sole is built according to ACTIVimpact Technology , which uses materials with physical-chemical characteristics capable of effectively absorbing negative impacts with the ground, reducing foot and leg fatigue.

The heel remains laterally stable, thanks to the HEEL TENSION rear foot restraint system, which also prevents the heel from lifting from the shoe.

The upper part of the upper, in the flexion area between the foot and the ankle, follows the Flex-Point design which allows the Kailash Plus GTX to accommodate the flexion angle created between the foot and the leg during the various phases of each single step.
The shoe also features Speed ​​Lacing , i.e. a lacing system that speeds up the sliding of the lace in the eyelets, thus allowing to obtain a progressive and homogeneous wrapping of the foot and ankle.

In the ankle area, a self-modelling Memory Foam padding conforms the space to the natural shapes of the choir, avoiding annoying voids or pressure points.
Just put it on and wait for the heat of our blow to warm the Memory Foam: the transformation can be felt after just a few moments!

The tip of the shoe is in TPU , to ensure excellent foot protection even from the sharpest rocks.

In short, the Kailash Plus GTX is the Trekking boot that will amaze you!

Technical characteristics of the KAILASH PLUS GTX

  • Weight: 640gr (measured on a 42)
  • Nubuck leather upper 1.8-2.00mm
  • GORE-TEX® (Performance Comfort Footwear)
  • Vibram® Biometric Trek
  • ACTIVimpact Technology
  • Heel Tension
  • Flex-Point
  • Memory foam ankle padding
  • Speed ​​lacing
  • 3D toe

SCARPA Spa: an all-Italian success

What SCARPA is experiencing today is a real revolution, triggered by the introduction and combination of high-tech, eco-friendly materials and products, the fruit of the most sophisticated research. Among the values ​​that accompany the creation of these new products today are physical and psychological comfort , quality, but also protection from external agents, "from the difficulties" of the environment.

Thus, materials with eclectic surfaces, capable of activating cause and effect reactions, enter everyday life. Surfaces that contribute to maintaining temperatures, protective, resistant to all kinds of stress. Where no place is far away, where every place is defended and respected.

And it is the slogan of this company "no place is far away" that suggests how deep in their DNA is the spirit of adventure, the discovery of the new and reaching peaks that are above all within us.
For tomorrow's next trip or excursion, let's remember that it is with excellent footwear that you can get anywhere you want and dream!