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We don't know if and when it will be available again

Speedcross 4 GTX® W is the new version of Salomon 's iconic shoe all over the world, with an attractive design that does not go unnoticed.

The WOMEN'S version of the Speedcross 4 GTX® guarantees a specific fit for the female foot (and for a slim foot in general). Technically this shoe has been developed, and designed, to run on technical terrains where the ground is muddy or grassy.
Here we find it in the Gore-Tex® version which guarantees total waterproofness and breathability to face any type of climatic condition!

SALOMON 's Speedcross 4 GTX® W offers optimal grip in all conditions.
Its lightness and cushioning will conquer your heart and your feet!
Never a more suitable proverb such as "having wings on your feet" was thought up for this shoe.

The disciplines where SPEEDCROSS is able to give its best are trail running and Nordic walking . For trail races where the pitch is low grip, very muddy, very wet, the Speedcross finds its bliss! In daily and long-distance Nordic walking workouts , it will be a pleasure to perform long and precise rolls with this shoe on your feet.
And if, after playing with her in your workouts, you want to take her for an aperitif with friends... she will certainly look good thanks to her captivating design!

Technical features:

  • Weight: 290g (reference size uk 5.5)
  • Midsole Height: 23mm/13mm (10mm differential)
  • Sensifit™ : the Sensifit system wraps around the foot, ensuring a precise and secure fit.
  • Quicklace™ : mthin and robust string for one-pull lacing. Simplifies the fit and removal of the shoe.
  • Molded EVA footbed : for excellent cushioning and anatomical support.
  • GORE-TEX® : the historic membrane that guarantees feet are always dry.

How do you figure out the right size for a SPEEDCROSS 4 GTX® W - SALOMON shoe?

Easy! Place your heel (of both feet or if you know which is the longer of the two feet, place the longer) and draw a line in front of the longer toe (usually it is the big toe but not always). Now take a tape measure and measure this distance: wall/marked line. The result in CM will correspond to a measure... which one? Here is the converter, but be careful! Always take 1/2 cm more than the match!
22cm = 36 --- 22.5cm = 36 2/3 --- 23cm = 37 1/3 --- 23.5cm = 38 --- 24cm = 38 2/3 --- 24.5cm = 39 1 /3 --- 25cm = 40 --- 25.5cm = 40 2/3 --- 26cm = 41 1/3 --- 26.5cm = 42 --- 27cm = 42 2/3 --- 27, 5cm = 43 1/3 --- 28cm = 44 --- 28.5cm = 44 2/3 --- 29cm = 45 1/3 --- 29.5cm = 46 --- 30cm = 46 2/3 - -- 30,5cm = 47 1/3 --- 31cm = 48 --- 31,5cm =48 2/3 --- 32cm = 49