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You can only find the official Franchetti Refuge T-Shirt at BF Mountain!

The Franchetti Hut shirt is produced by us at BF Mountain , who have been sponsoring this beautiful mountain hut on the Gran Sasso for years (our 2020 calendar is also part of the project, click here to find out more).

From this year we have decided to put it up for sale as well, since so many mountain enthusiasts have asked for it ... and here it is!

Soft, with a linear cut and fit for women and men, it is a pleasant caress on the skin.

Composition of the Franchetti Refuge T-shirt:

  • 25% cotton
  • 25% viscose
  • 50% polyester

Jersey design:

  • Front: small BF MOUNTAIN logo on the left chest.
  • Back: large Franchetti logo