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Adventure, the solid and stable Fizan trekking poles.

Adventure is Fizan 's trekking pole in resistant 7075 aluminum.

The Adventure is a telescopic trekking bason, in 3 adjustable sections , stopped with maximum safety by the LEVER external locking system.
The LEVER locking system is very intuitive and offers a high seal thanks to the aluminum closure.
Its small size maintains excellent stick balance during training sessions and competitions.

The handle of the Traveler trekking poles is made of soft EVA with an ergonomic design that cushions and protects against return shocks from the ground.
The wrist strap is made of soft neoprene , which avoids annoying chafing.

Resistant and stable, it has a weight of 230 grams and a length ranging from 70 to 140 centimetres.

Fizan uses aluminum in the 7001 and 7075 alloys and carbon. Two alloys that make it possible to produce sticks with very thin but resistant thicknesses.

On the bottom, the Adventure poles have a hard metal tip, perfect for sinking into mountain terrain. Included, it also offers a rubber tip and 2 wider bases, 35 and 50 mm.

FIZAN is the only manufacturer to use laser to mark the size adjustment in the telescopic rod. This process ensures unlimited resistance during use.

Technical characteristics of Fizan's Trekking Adventure pole:

  • Materials: Alu 7075
  • Length: 70-140cm
  • 18/16/14mm diameter
  • Weight: 230 grams
  • EVA handle
  • Neoprene laces
  • Hard metal tip
  • Grommet / for asphalt

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