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We don't know if and when it will be available again

BUFF lightweight merino wool caps for fall and winter through spring! Very high quality for a super-practical and environmentally friendly product.

Merino wool caps by BUFF are undoubtedly a symbol of this company from Barcelona!

Made with 100% natural fabrics consisting of ONLY merino wool , super flexible, elastic and soft, the Buff hat has no seams, works very well on thermoregulation and also offers protection from the elements.

Excellent headgear suitable for all ages, we can also protect children, given its versatility the Buff cap assures us more than a normal hat.

Designed to be used 365 days a year, the Buff merino wool cap is available in various colors, plain and patterned.

BUFF caps are the accessory that you will find indispensable for all your outdoor activities, from running to trekking, from Nordic walking to cycling, up to horse riding or motorbike trips.

An extremely versatile "never again without" , which - thanks to Natural Stretch - is ultra-elastic and flexible.
This makes it wearable as a neck warmer, hat, bandana, headband, wrist wrap...

  • Ecological accessory: 100% Merino wool
  • Green attitude! Discover and enjoy our more sustainable products.
        • EAVYWEIGTH: The warmest version of the Merino Wool collection: 600 g/m². Maximum protection for the cold.
        • MIDWEIGTH: Ecological accessory: 100% Merino wool 250 g / m²: maximum versatility for cool weather conditions Totally seamless, maximum comfort.

      Technical features:

      • Material : 100% merino wool
      • Hand washable at 30° with a little neutral soap


      STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ®

      Certificate / License number: 2005AN46601.

      Test institute / certified by: Aitex.

      A certification for fabrics based on organic fibers. To pass the test, all fibers must be processed according to strict environmental and toxicological criteria. A functional wastewater treatment plant is mandatory for any wet treatment. GOTS certified products are made with at least 70% organic fabrics. Every partner in the supply chain is verified.

      Many other prints and patterns are available in the shop! Are you looking for one in particular?
      Ask us! Write to us at info@bfmountainshop.com or call us on 3479770595