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Carbon Pro, the telescopic Nordic Walking poles that weigh only 185 grams!

Fizan's Nordick Walking Carbon Pro pole is made with a mix of aluminum and carbon (Alu 7075 / carbon 80), to make it resistant and light at the same time.

They are telescopic sticks, in 2 adjustable sections, stopped with maximum safety by the LEVER external locking system.
The LEVER locking system is very intuitive and offers a high seal thanks to the aluminum closure.
Its small size maintains excellent stick balance during training sessions and competitions.

The Carbon Pro glove is light and ergonomic, designed by Fizan himself .
The handrail is made with breathable and comfortable materials

To avoid accidents, it is essential that the glove separates quickly from the stick.
Fizan has designed an effective system: an in-out button, placed on the head of the knob, which with a slight pressure makes it possible to remove the strap very quickly.
On the fabric of the glove, there is a reflective insert, for greater visibility in the dark or in case of bad weather

Fizan uses aluminum in the 7001 and 7075 alloys and carbon. Two alloys that make it possible to produce sticks with very thin but resistant thicknesses.

On the bottom, the Carbon Pro poles are fitted with the hard metal Race tip, much appreciated by the more expert walkers, which can be covered (in the case of asphalt or rock) with the classic inclined rubber tip specific for Nordic Walking.

Technical features of Fizan's Nordic Walking Carbon Pro pole:

  • Materials: Alu 7075 / carbon 80
  • Length: 105-130cm
  • Diameter: 16/14mm
  • Weight: 185 grams
  • Rubber with inclined section
  • Metal "Race" toe
  • N35 race carbide typ
  • FR3 AIR

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