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Ecco products for the care and cleaning of footwear are the top for ease of use and quality of the materials of composition.

Here we offer a selection of ECCO Footwear Care and Cleaning Products that you can buy in our online shop or find in our store.

Wax Oil 100ml

  • Natural Wax Oil, formulated in the laboratory for use with oiled leather footwear
  • Restores and maintains the rough look of heavy oiled leathers
  • Prevents oily skin from drying out so it remains supple for flexible movement
  • Safe to use on ECCO footwear with GORE-TEX® membranes
  • Enhance footwear with water resistant properties

Midsole Cleaning Kit

  • ECCO Midsole Cleaner Advanced Cleansing Formula (150ml)
  • Includes two handcrafted beech wood brushes with handles: a soft bristle brush for light stains and an abrasive brush for more stubborn dirt
  • Gentle 100% cotton cleaning cloth removes excess foam
  • Presented in a compact package with cardboard sleeve

Foam Cleaner

  • Gentle yet effective multi-purpose foam cleaner suitable for smooth leather, nubuck, suede and textiles
  • Self-foaming formula developed to remove dirt and salt stains
  • Technically developed in the laboratory for premium cleaning
  • The water-based formula is made with high quality ingredients
  • Suitable for use on items with a GORE-TEX membrane
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    The REPEL protective spray

    • Protective spray, suitable for a wide range of materials and footwear
    • Safe to use on ECCO footwear with GORE-TEX® membranes
    • Easy to use pump spray
    • Ecologically responsible formula without gas and without PFC
    • Invisible for an effective defense that only you know is there

    The Shoe Shine Brush

    • High quality shoe shine brush made from cattle tail hair for an exceptional finish on your leather goods
    • Designed to achieve a high sheen on smooth leathers
    • Effectively removes dust to keep your shoes stylish
    • Use after applying shoe cream for polishing and polishing
    • The contoured top is comfortable to hold and use

    Shoe Care Kit

    • Complete shoe care kit, made in the UK
    • 150ml ECCO Foam Cleaner to remove dirt and improve freshness
    • 75 ml ECCO Cream for smooth skin care to maintain natural elasticity and prevent dryness
    • 125ml ECCO Repel to invisibly protect against water and stains
    • ECCO Multi Brush and Cleaning Cloth

    Nubuck and Suede Conditioner

    • Daily care Nubuck and Suede Conditioner blends fine oils and waxes to keep these special leathers looking their best
    • Restores and revitalizes suede and nubuck leathers
    • Includes a sponge applicator for easy use
    • Safe to use on ECCO footwear with GORE-TEX® membranes
    • The 100ml water-based formulation is gentle yet effective

    Shoe Refresher Spray

    • Scarpa Refresher Spray, technically formulated to revive the inside of your shoes
    • Suitable for all types of footwear
    • Gentle yet effective water-based formula
    • Made with high quality natural ingredients
    • Does not use perfume to mask the smell

      ECCO: a leading brand in Europe

      Ecco is the brand that combines innovative high quality materials with traditional shoe making methods.
      The result is a product of almost artisanal quality, but with the cost of a mass-produced product.
      Founded in Denmark in 1963, Ecco the company has specialized in leather footwear, both elegant and sporty, for daily or technical use (including the entire outdoor activities sector).

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