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One of the two limited edition t-shirts with which BF MOUNTAIN begins its production of clothing and accessory lines.

The original artwork by Stefano Scifoni "L'orso Nino a Rocca Calascio" designed for BF MOUNTAIN was printed on this shirt.

Stefano is an artist, set designer and tattoo artist.
Born in 1985, always a lover of nature and the mountains and a great Trail Runner

This t-shirt was presented on 09 December 2018 on the occasion of the art exhibition "Mountains and Art love each other: birth of a brand" which took place in the BF Mountain SHOP with the exhibition of the works of Alberto Graia and Stefano Sciphons.

Technical features:

  • Silkscreen printing
  • Fabric: 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, 25% Viscose

Stefano Scifoni is present on social networks under the name of "Stefano Scifoni Art" where you can see his works, get in touch with him to be able to buy his drawings or commission new ones. His contacts are:

Since he was a child, Stefano Scifoni has found his natural habitat in the mountains and in pictorial art.

Passionate about mountaineering and sport climbing from a very young age, he finds his competitive-sporting dimension as a trail runner and is almost always accompanied by his faithful Border Collie, Turbo .

In 1999 he enrolled at the Art Institute, while after three years he continued his studies at the Art School of Viterbo, where he obtained his diploma in 2004.

In 2005 he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome , attending the course in Scenography and at the beginning of 2006, thanks to the Academy, he moved to New York to collaborate with the Path Metheny team of set designers and work on the project Sign of sound .

In the same year, with Solaris Film , he deals with illustrations for Fiction Artemisia Sanchez , while in 2007 he will gather a new artistic orientation also thanks to the union with his partner Arianna, already an illustrator for children.

In 2010 he graduated in Scenography and carried out his thesis on Emanuele Luzzatti (set designer and illustrator) while since 2012 for Mekane , he has been involved in set designs for theatrical works.

The last step of his artistic journey is the encounter with the art of tattooing .
As an illustrator he deepens the scientific and naturalistic illustration, with particular attention to the ornithological one.

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