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Flexor knows that foot comfort is essential in every occasion, from hiking to trail racing, from Nordic walking to strolling downtown.

Precisely for this reason, the Spanish company Flexor (based in Barcelona) has specialized in the design and production of insoles and anatomical elements for the feet.

Specifically, BF Mountain SHOP has selected their FlexorSport insoles.

Designed to avoid injuries related to return impacts and wrong footing, these thin insoles increase sports performance and increase the general comfort of the foot, even inserted inside "elegant" city shoes.

Flexor: return shock absorption

Made of technical latex foam , the FlexorSport insoles have a great capacity to absorb impacts deriving from sporting activities (such as running).
In particular, on the heel - the point of maximum impact, always subject to inflammation - the Shock Absorber has been inserted, designed precisely to offer extra cushioning on the back of the foot.

Flexor - fast recovery

The structure of the foam in which the FlexorSport insole is made, combined with the rest of its technical components, ensure that the insoles keep their shape unchanged over time.

The curve of the plantar arch is supported, this allows the foot to unload the weights by distributing them correctly

Flexor: sweat absorption and perspiration

Both the foam and the Always Dry Lining fabric that covers the upper face of the Flexor insole absorb sweat and stay dry, ensuring maximum comfort even during the toughest races at the highest temperatures.

Breathability is guaranteed, thanks to the Cooling System ventilation system which quickly dissipates the heat produced by the foot.

Technical characteristics of the FlexorSport insoles:

  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Machine washable at 30°
  • Resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Customized according to foot size
  • Cuttable

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