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NOENE® - The Shock Absorbing Technology - Class 1 Medical Device.

Noene is a material that absorbs and disperses up to 98% of the negative vibrations deriving from return shocks (third law of dynamics!).

The high-tech insoles, as well as the Noene subplates therefore protect our body from inflammation deriving from the impact of the foot with the ground.
Joints, back, cervical, our whole body is affected by the impact of our feet against the asphalt (whether we run or walk); just as the wrist, elbow and shoulder are affected by the impact of the ball against the racket if we play Tennis or Paddle... and in fact the company has also thought of tapes for bags (and bike handlebars!).

Noene® is a material that is primarily applied in the anti-seismic field to prevent damage to buildings. Its effectiveness has also proved to be very high on the human body, so much so that its insoles are the only ones in the world in their category to have obtained the recognition of Class 1 Medical Device .


Thickness: 1mm
Weight: 13 gr (for size 43 EU)
Washable and reusable
Sizes: 36/39 – 40/42 – 43/46 – 47/50 (CUT OUT)
Not covered in fabric
Man / Woman

Ultra-light (13 gr) and ultra-thin (1 mm), they represent the maximum expression of Noene® technology. Both amateur and professional athletes choose them to protect their joints during competitions since they do not alter the condition of the foot in the shoe in any way.

Customizable in size, they are suitable for any type of sports shoe with removable insole, as they must be inserted under the original insole or personalized postural insole. Under no circumstances should they be kept in direct contact with the foot.

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