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Designed for more agile outdoor excursions on hot days, Ecco's Terracruise II GTX W is a super versatile shoe, suitable for both city and trekking, but also for Nordic waking, long walks and fast trail running competitions.
Here in the women's fit.

Terracruise II W is an ultra-breathable perforated shoe that is also stable and protective.

The cushioning of the midsole protects the foot from return shocks but at the same time leaves it free to maintain its natural supports, so that movements are as efficient as possible.

The midsole of the Terracruise II W by Ecco is made with the patented ECCO FLUIDFORM™ technology which ensures an optimal balance between cushioning and responsiveness.
In fact, it combines the midsole and upper without the use of glues or adhesives (which weigh down and stiffen the shoe), thus making the shoe ultra-light and ultra-flexible.

A foam graft in the insole allows the shoe to quickly conform to the foot, helping it in walking without the constraint given by the still new shoe that has to adapt.

The easy fit speed-lac fastening allows you to put the shoe on quickly and comfortably, even when you have a large instep.

The upper of the Terracruise II W is in ultra-breathable mesh.
A large mesh microfibre fabric ensures freshness, softness and humidity contrast.
The tongue is made of neoprene , to ensure a feeling of softness and comfort around the instep.

Stability, cushioning, comfort and flexibility: from the Camino de Santiago to hiking in the mountains, Terracruise II W is the perfect summer shoe for every need!

Its minimal and clean design makes it a perfect shoe also to face the city summer heat.

Technical characteristics of the Terracruise II W by Ecco:

  • Outsole with ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Technology
  • Foam graft to immediately adapt the fit to the foot
  • Elastic speed-lace system lacing
  • Ultra-breathable mesh upper
  • Neoprene tongue for a more comfortable instep feel
  • Sole with compound with high gripping power

ECCO: a leading brand in Europe

Ecco is the brand that combines innovative high quality materials with traditional shoe making methods.
The result is a product of almost artisanal quality, but with the cost of a mass-produced product.
Founded in Denmark in 1963, Ecco the company has specialized in leather footwear, both elegant and sporty, for daily or technical use (including the entire outdoor activities sector).