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TX DIRECT SPRAY-ON is the Spry waterproofing product ideal for re-waterproofing padded garments or garments with internal linings in absorbent fabric.

TX DIRECT SPRAY-ON arrives when our waterproof garments start to shed water and restore their DWR finish!

The external DWR (Durable Water Repellant) treatment of technical garments, which guarantees their waterproofing, tends to wear off with wear of the garment.
When this happens, the garment starts to feel damp and loses up to 70% of its breathability.

TX DIRECT SPRAY-ON revitalizes the DWR of the garments by preventing water absorption and thus allows the breathability of technical fabrics such as shells and jackets to be kept intact at the same time.

Garments can lose their waterproofing due to wear or poor maintenance (for example, traditional detergents damage the waterproofing and breathability of technical fabrics due to the hydrophilic residues they release on garments).
If, even after washing with the specific Nikwax Tech Wash detergent, the water repellency does not reassert itself on the garment, then it is time to switch to TX DIRECT SPRAY-ON

Therefore, after having cleaned them with Nikwax Tech Wash® , take your still wet technical garments and re-insert them in the washing machine for treatment with TX DIRECT WASH-IN.

DIRECT WASH-IN has been specifically designed and optimized for breathable rainwear.
It has a flexible water repellent effect on individual fibers which allows moisture vapor to pass through the fabric, maintaining breathability.

Nikwax TX.Direct ® Spray-On is a safe product to use on breathable waterproof items with absorbent linings or those that cannot be machine washed. It is water-based, non-flammable, contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is fluorocarbon free.

Nikwax TX.Direct® Spray-On is quick and easy to apply and highly durable water repellency (DWR) develops on air drying.<Therefore therefore does not need a dryer. The spray application allows the direct treatment of the areas that most require it (for example, elbows and seams on jackets) and does not compromise the properties of the internal absorbent liners.

How to correctly apply Nikwax TX.Direct® Spray-On Waterproofer:

PLEASE NOTE: For best results remove non-washable parts and always clean first with Nikwax Tech Wash® in a separate wash cycle. You can proceed with the waterproofing directly on the still wet garment.

  • Lay the garment to be treated on a flat surface, possibly fastened.
  • Keep the bottle at a distance of 15cm from the garment to be treated.
  • Apply the product abundantly using the spray diffuser.
  • Wait 2 minutes. Remove excess product with a damp cloth.
  • Check the uniformity of the treatment.
  • After a few minutes, check and remove any excess product with a damp cloth.
  • 300ML

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