Costs for holiday travel "Trekking on the paths of the Amalfi Coast", activities and services.

From 19th to 22nd May. Three nights in the Beata Solitudo facility in S.Lazzaro (Agerola) and three days of excursions.

Cost per person in a double room with private bathroom (double bed or separate) who is therefore available to share the room with someone or a couple.
Euro 330.00
For those wishing to stay overnight until Sunday the cost is 250 euros.

Cost per person in a single room with private bathroom, who therefore wishes to sleep in the room alone Euro 430.00
For those wishing to stay overnight until Sunday the cost is 350 euros.

For those who are interested in the "hostel" solution, therefore sharing a dormitory for 5 (they are not mixed) and a shared bathroom (always male/female distinction) The cost will be 260 per person.
For those wishing to stay until Sunday the cost is 230 euros per person.
This solution could be interesting for those who are alone and cannot share a room in the B2B (inn) and save a little.

The costs indicated above include:

Overnight stay + breakfast + dinners.
3 days (or 2 days) of excursions on the paths of the Lattari Mountains (Amalfi coast), visit to the cities of Amalfi, Positano, Ravello and other small towns, welcome aperitif on the path of the gods with Antonio, the shepherd who lives on the path. This aperitif is valid as a 3-inclusive dinner and will take place on Sunday 21 May.
Visit c/o Villa Cimbrone (Ravello), transport by sea and land for the various connections.

What type of excursions will be done?

I cannot go into detail because these are itineraries designed by me which I will only disclose to those who participate.

I can say in broad terms that a very good walking attitude is required, that it involves 3 days of trekking, certainly not mountaineering and not extremely tiring but challenging in some sections. You will be required to make a positive altitude difference of 600/800 meters on 2 out of 3 days.

If interested, I need to have written confirmation and a deposit of €50.00 will be requested after my confirmation email and availability for places.


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