Let's do our part in reusing objects?!?!

With your help we want to do a reuse test!

Bring a shoe from your family's little one or little hiker to the store and you will get a 20 euro discount on the purchase of a new shoe for the little one .

The idea is to then put the used shoe on sale so that parents can save money on the purchase of their young children's shoes because sizes change very quickly. The used shoe will then be sold at a price of 30 euros. However, if you want to take a used shoe and leave your used shoe you will have to pay 20 euros.

So then every time I took the shoes that were about to become small and got a new or used one and saved some money 😁

The only rule is that the shoes must be trekking shoes and must be salable.

If we receive destroyed shoes we will not be able to accept them.

The basic principle of this initiative is to circulate good shoes that would otherwise be thrown away and save you money on the purchase of a new shoe. Specifically, the protagonist brand of this initiative will be Salomon , which over the years we have understood has been greatly appreciated by parents!

We all put something away and learn the beautiful practice of REUSE!

The shop is in viale Somalia, 65 - Rome!


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