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The Sherpa Antishock CSS trekking poles from the Italian company Masters will satisfy even the most experienced and demanding hiker!

The Sherpa Antishock CSS are made in three sections (ø 18-16-14mm) entirely in 7075 aluminum alloy which guarantees grip and reliability in the face of a low weight, the weight per pair is 520 grams, 260 per stick .

Outdoor 7075 aluminum ( Ergal ) is an aluminum and zinc alloy used extensively in the aeronautical field, particularly in the structural parts of aircraft.
It is the lightest aluminum alloy and - from a mechanical point of view - more resistant to impact, strain, torsion and weight.
It is also the aluminum alloy least subject to "thermodilatation", therefore very suitable for use because it better tolerates changes in temperature.

The BS expansion system with ANTISHOCK (Cushioning Spring System) - positioned in the median section - is made with very high quality DuPont® plastics and ensures excellent performance over time, both at high and low temperatures.
The Antishock is a peculiarity of several models of Masters poles, which has designed it especially for all those who have knee, back or ligament problems.

The CSS ANTISHOCK foresees the insertion of a spring inside the section, which reacts to the impact with the ground, absorbing a large part of the return shock before it reaches our joints.

The threaded system of the long tip with tungsten support of the Sherpa Antishock CSS sticks is ideal for a quick basket change. The ø 50mm one is included in the supply.

The grip of the CSS Sherpa Antishock is the "Palmo" model with the new handrail in the same color in soft absorbent material.

Technical characteristics of the Masters CSS Sherpa Antishock Trekking poles:

  • Weight: 260gr per stick
  • Length: from 65 cm (closed) up to 135 cm (maximum extension)
  • Material: 7075 aluminum + DuPont® plastics
  • Three sections (ø 18-16-14mm)
  • BS expansion system with ANTISHOCK CSS (Cushioning Spring System)
  • Wheel diameter ø 50mm included in the package
  • Eco-friendly

Masters: Made in Italy quality and respect for the environment since 1977

The Masters - Life in Action brand was born in Italy in 1977 from an idea by Renato Zaltron and over the years it has consolidated its fame, thanks to the very high quality and technology of its Trekking and Ski poles .
The company remains familiar and over the years has also focused on respect for the environment, choosing to use renewable energy for production and non-toxic and bio-compatible materials .
The paints they use are all completely lead-free!

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