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The Mojito GTX ® has effectively entered into daily use while maintaining its nature as an approach shoe. Mojito is the shoe for a global taste.

Mojito GTX ® was born directly from the sporting experience of "climbing shoes" and maintains its sporting vocation in daily use, it features lacing up to the toe for a personalized fit.

Mojito , in this version with the GORE-TEX ® membrane, guarantees waterproofness and breathability!
You can face even the rainiest days with great ease and always have dry and rested feet, it works very well both in city and outdoor situations.

Wearing the Mojito GTX , the foot immediately understands that it is in a comfortable and pleasant shoe.

Colors have become its identity and its rebellious soul has grasped the new needs of the market.
Unique and inimitable, this shoe is your everyday travel companion.

Beware of imitations, choose a Mojito Original !

Mojito GTX ® technical features:

  • Weight: 415g (½ pair size 42)
  • Sole: Vibram Spyder Trek
  • Upper: SUEDE Water-Resistant 1.8 mm
  • Lining: GORE - TEX® (Extended Comfort Footwear)

What SCARPA is experiencing today is a real revolution, triggered by the introduction and combination of high-tech, eco-friendly materials and products, the fruit of the most sophisticated research.
Among the values ​​that accompany the creation of these new products today are physical and psychological comfort , quality, but also protection from external agents, "from the difficulties" of the environment.

Thus, materials with eclectic surfaces, capable of activating cause and effect reactions, enter everyday life. Surfaces that contribute to maintaining temperatures, protective, resistant to all kinds of stress. Where no place is far away, where every place is defended and respected.

And it is the slogan of this company "no place is far away" that suggests how deep in their DNA is the spirit of adventure, the discovery of the new and reaching peaks that are above all within us.
For tomorrow's next trip or excursion, let's remember that it is with excellent footwear that you can get anywhere you want and dream!

How does the GORE-TEX® membrane work? Watch this video!