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SENSE RIDE 4 is one of Salomon's best-performing women's Trail Running and Nordic Walking models! Renewed from the previous edition and with the new Optivibe™ patent, it will amaze you when you wear it!

The new mesh of the Sense Ride 4 upper immediately catches the eye, more elastic, soft and enveloping to offer a superior fit comfort compared to its previous version.

The midsole of the Sense Ride 4 features the new successful technology Optivibe™ by Solomon . The idea is to offer a mix of foams: one for cushioning, the other for propulsion. A combination developed to reduce vibrations in the foot roll phase, decreasing muscle fatigue without interfering with the overall stride

The very soft upper with perforations that guarantees exceptional breathability is built in the classic Salomon style. We therefore find two of the main patents: Quicklace™ and Sensifit™.

The sole made in Contagrip® is really interesting in its new structure and shape. Three horizontal grooves in the forefoot and one in the heel area guarantee a truly rare flex! It follows the thrust and foot strike phases like a glove and in terms of reactivity the response is loud and clear! Fly! This new compound offers safety on wet, dry, hard or soft surfaces, and guarantees long-term resistance.

To finish the seasoning in the sole there is the PROFEEL FILM which will not give thoughts to the sole of the foot when it encounters stones and sharp rocks: step on everything and I will destroy you!

Final consideration is linked to Salomon's new way of interpreting the new Trail generation shoes. Absolute precedence to reactivity to lightness and cushioning without sacrificing protection and with slipper-like internal comfort. Ideal both for those who have already been running for a while but also for those who want to buy their first serious Trail shoe! Also very suitable for the NORDIC WALKING discipline!

Technical characteristics of the SENSE RIDE 4:

  • WEIGHT: 290g
  • MIDSOLE HEIGHT: 32mm/24mm ( 8mm differential)
  • PROFEEL FILM: very thin material inserted under the sole which serves to give maximum protection to the sole of the foot for hard impacts such as rocks and various roughness of the ground
  • QUICKLACE™: Salomon's patented lacing system. In a single gesture, it quickly closes the upper around the foot, guaranteeing precision and stability
  • OPTIVIBE™: developed to reduce vibrations in the foot roll phase, decreasing muscle fatigue without interfering with the overall stride
  • ENDOFIT™: Internal sock-like lining that wraps around the foot keeping it firm and stable to ensure a precise fit
  • Insole : Fabric + Synthetic Material
  • Sole : Rubber
  • Upper: Fabric + Synthetic Material

How do you figure out the right size of a SENSE RIDE 4 – SALOMON shoe?

Easy! Place your heel (of both feet or if you know which is the longer of the two feet, place the longer) and draw a line in front of the longer toe (usually it is the big toe but not always). Now take a tape measure and measure this distance: wall/marked line. The result in CM will correspond to a measure… which one? Here is the converter, but be careful! Always take 1/2 cm more than the match!

22cm = 36 — 22.5cm = 36 2/3 — 23cm = 37 1/3 — 23.5cm = 38 — 24cm = 38 2/3 — 24.5cm = 39 1/3 — 25cm = 40 — 25.5cm = 40 2/3 — 26cm = 41 1/3 — 26.5cm = 42 — 27cm = 42 2/3 — 27.5cm = 43 1/3 — 28cm = 44 — 28.5cm = 44 2/3 — 29cm = 45 1/3 — 29.5cm = 46 — 30cm = 46 2/3 — 30.5cm = 47 1/3 — 31cm = 48 — 31.5cm =48 2/3 — 32cm = 49

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Valter Paci

Ottimo acquisto, scarpa bellissima e molto performante - negozio gentile, professionale e puntuale