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ZG TREK GTX, the high, waterproof and protective trekking shoe, perfect for sustained trekking, with a heavy backpack, even off-trail and in alpine environments.

ZG TREK GTX has been named "Shoe of the Year 2019" by the prestigious Skialper magazine!
Perfect for intense trekking and excursions, even with moderate loads on the shoulders, it has a water-repellent suede upper and GORE-TEX waterproof membrane, to face any type of climate and atmospheric agent without problems!

The Salix Trek sole designed and studied by SCARPA® and developed in collaboration with Vibram® , is a durable sole that is adaptable to various types of terrain.
Bi-density PU midsole, for maximum comfort and lightness.

The Speed ​​Lacing ensures the comfort of a customizable fit. At the same time, it allows a progressive distribution of the pressure of the laces.

The lower part of the ZG TREK GTX lacing has light steel and plastic lace hooks that allow the laces to slide quickly and adjust the tension and fit volumes in a single movement. The upper part has a lace lock that divides the tension areas of the lacing and hooks for a homogeneous and progressive wrapping of the foot and ankle, to obtain a comfortable fit without constraints.

Another interesting technology featured on the ZG TREK GTX is the Heel-Tension in the rear area, which is the rear foot containment system to keep the heel laterally stable and prevent upward movement.

Technical characteristics of the ZG TREK GTX®:

  • Weight: 612 g for a size 42 shoe
  • Upper: Water repellent suede leather
  • Outsole: VIBRAM compound SALIX Trek
  • Lining: GORE-TEX® (Performance Comfort Footwear)

What SCARPA is experiencing today is a real revolution, triggered by the introduction and combination of high-tech, eco-friendly materials and products, the fruit of the most sophisticated research. Among the values ​​that accompany the creation of these new products today are physical and psychological comfort , quality, but also protection from external agents, "from the difficulties" of the environment.

Thus, materials with eclectic surfaces, capable of activating cause and effect reactions, enter everyday life. Surfaces that contribute to maintaining temperatures, protective, resistant to all kinds of stress. Where no place is far away, where every place is defended and respected.

And it is the slogan of this company "no place is far away" that suggests how deep in their DNA is the spirit of adventure, the discovery of the new and reaching peaks that are above all within us.
For tomorrow's next trip or excursion, let's remember that it is with excellent footwear that you can get anywhere you want and dream!

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